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Why Choose a Private School?

When parents debate the public or private school decision, what tips the scales toward the latter? Much as with choosing an apartment or house, the school must have certain basics, but it’s the extras that seal the deal.
  • Individual attention—The most commonly noted extra is the individual attention that private school enrollment numbers encourage. What is more natural for parents whose emotional and investment in their infant is already substantial to want such nurturing to continue though the early years of education?. Would you believe that class size in most independent schools is between 10 and 15?
  • Parents cooperate—Private schools and parents work hand-in-hand for the child’s benefit. Think a team of three. The nature of the involvement is based not only on how much time parents can devote to lending a hand, but on their skill and talents.
  • Less government interference—Largely free of government control, private schools need not direct classroom efforts toward scores on mandated tests. Students can be taught to think, rather than to qualify. Public school test scores mean more or less money from governments and pressure teachers.
  • Shared values and culture—Possibly the most compelling reason for the private school choice is that it places the child in a milieu of shared values and culture. As well, for reasons of upbringing or ambition, most private school students buy into the program: to learn is cool. The disinterested, bored student is frowned upon. In too many public schools the reverse is true.
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Commuting Cuts Education Costs

Many private schools do not boardstudents. Young people often continue to participate in family life while enjoying the benefits of a special education. Budget conscious families often find the answer to private school expense is choosing the commuting option.


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The Importance of Early Morning Kids Programs

Many parents work while their children are young. They may leave their child with a family member, hire a nanny or enroll their child in day care. However, kids as young as two years old can benefit from a preschool program, where they can learn important social and academic skills that will prepare them for success as they grow.

Advantages of Early Morning Kids Programs

A good preschool may offer half- and full-day programs to accommodate the needs of working parents. Many preschools begin their day around 9:00 am, but some parents need a program with the option to drop their child off earlier due to their work schedule. These programs can have many benefits for children and their parents.

•    Early morning programs are essential for parents whose jobs start early.
•    Programs provide a safe, caring environment parents can feel confident about.
•    Longer hours may provide the opportunity for enriched academic content.
•    Schools may be less busy earlier in the morning, allowing for a calmer good-bye.
•    Many programs are very affordable and charge parents extra only on the days they need an early drop-off.

The best preschool is one that fits around your schedule and provides your child with a safe, loving environment while you are away. Visit this website to learn more about early morning kids programs and toddler preschool in Apex, Cary and Morrisville, NC.

Fun Art Projects for Imaginative Play

Arts and crafts projects foster critical thinking and creativity. Your child will learn about shapes and composition when she creates these cute animal masks. Use the masks for storytelling activities and imaginative play to extend the learning and the fun.

5 Advantages of Enrolling Your Child In Preschool

There are many reasons to enroll your child in preschool. Some parents need childcare because they are returning to work, while others are looking for a social or educational experience for their child. Some parents may consider a nanny or daycare for their child, but there are many advantages to enrolling your child in a high quality preschool.

Preschool exposes children to numbers, letters, shapes, colors and other important concepts that prepare them for formal learning. They may play rhyming games, manipulate blocks and puzzles, tell stories and sing songs about the world around them. Children who attend preschool enter kindergarten with stronger basic math skills, richer vocabularies and more sophisticated pre-reading skills than their peers who did not attend preschool.

Preschool children are also more prepared for the rules and routines of an academic setting. They learn to sit still, raise their hand to ask a question or offer a comment, take turns speaking and listen to teachers and classmates. They may also learn to stand and walk in line, put toys and belongings where they belong and follow directions. These behavior management skills are important to a child’s social and academic success.

Preschool children have the opportunity to socialize with children their own age. They learn about following rules, taking turns and being a good friend. Early friendships offer children the opportunity to enjoy shared interests, work as a teamand practice empathy. They may have the courage to try new things after seeing a classmate succeed.

Many children gain confidence in themselves in a preschool program. They may have difficulty separating from their parents at first, but they soon learn to enjoy and take pride in their new independence. They may be given small responsibilities in class and will be proud to share their accomplishments. They might learn to persist in a difficult task and celebrate when they finally master a challenging skill.

A good preschool can offer parents the peace of mind that comes with knowing your child is safe and cared for. Parents should tour a facility before making their choice. Look for a school that is clean and safe. Take note of the toys, play structures, craft materials and books that are offered. Meet the teacher in person to get a feel for whether he or she will be a good match for your child.

A good preschool can prepare a child for academic and social success. Click here to learn more about early morning kids programs in Apex, NC.

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