Monday, 5 October 2015

Why Choose a Private School?

When parents debate the public or private school decision, what tips the scales toward the latter? Much as with choosing an apartment or house, the school must have certain basics, but it’s the extras that seal the deal.
  • Individual attention—The most commonly noted extra is the individual attention that private school enrollment numbers encourage. What is more natural for parents whose emotional and investment in their infant is already substantial to want such nurturing to continue though the early years of education?. Would you believe that class size in most independent schools is between 10 and 15?
  • Parents cooperate—Private schools and parents work hand-in-hand for the child’s benefit. Think a team of three. The nature of the involvement is based not only on how much time parents can devote to lending a hand, but on their skill and talents.
  • Less government interference—Largely free of government control, private schools need not direct classroom efforts toward scores on mandated tests. Students can be taught to think, rather than to qualify. Public school test scores mean more or less money from governments and pressure teachers.
  • Shared values and culture—Possibly the most compelling reason for the private school choice is that it places the child in a milieu of shared values and culture. As well, for reasons of upbringing or ambition, most private school students buy into the program: to learn is cool. The disinterested, bored student is frowned upon. In too many public schools the reverse is true.
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